0.3.7n: A few Android button options

This 0.3.7n update is for Android. New touchscreen options added.

A few days ago, said options were pushed in 0.3.7k, but some touchscreen bugs were present due to code refactors; I did not catch several bugs initially. 

However, everything seems to be fixed now in 0.3.7n. Big thanks to everyone with the feedback submissions to help get things fixed.



  • Added positioning options for the Interact button and bottom buttons.
  • Added "hold to activate" options for many buttons.
  • The Chat button now has "hold to activate" enabled by default.


  • Added text advising that saved games are deleted upon death.


  • Fixed an error that could happen during death sequence with inventory open.


Tallowmere2_v0.3.7n.apk 177 MB
Jan 24, 2023

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