Tallowmere 2 – v0.1.6 – Even more fixes

This patch contains fixes and improvements. Online Co-op fixes only apply to the main game. All other changes apply to both the demo and main game.


  • Camera: Fixed camera moving weirdly upon death.
  • File System: Fixed errors when trying to delete saved games.
  • UI: Player name labels are now hidden when final player has died.


  • Attributes: Fixed offerings and curses not being reset when restarting a dungeon.
  • Connection Handshaking: Fixed an error.
  • Debuffs:
    • Improved syncing.
    • Fixed an error when trying to apply a debuff to a dead creature.
  • Demon Statues: Fixed bonus rewards not being granted.
  • Keys:
    • Fixed home room key being removed if held by a player that disconnects.
    • Fixed sync issues with keys being thrown and picked-up too quickly.
  • Menus: Join button now says Rejoin when appropriate.
  • Merchant:
    • Improved handling of transactions, timeouts, and errors.
    • Fixed menu item selection resetting after every transaction.
  • Room Transitions:
    • Fixed creature position issues when loading existing rooms, especially when disconnecting and rejoining.
    • Fixed key-related errors when loading existing rooms.
  • Shields: Fixed sync issues regarding shield-raising and weapon-swapping.
  • Tallowmere's Keep:
    • Fixed kitten shelves not syncing properly.
    • Addressed an issue when opening the home room door.
  • Zaeries: Improved AI syncing.


  • AI:
    • Fixed enemies targeting fallen players.
    • Fixed enemies targeting kittens.
  • Co-op:
    • Fixed Demon Statue mystery rewards being rolled the same for all players.
    • Fixed players being able to collide with each other after using a waypoint.
  • Cutscenes: Fixed the Skip button being spammable.
  • Feedback Form: Increased character limit from 300 to 400.
  • Menus:
    • Fixed an error when changing tabs with controllers.
    • Fixed being able to execute actions while the menu is sliding in.
    • Fixed soft lock when dying with inventory open.
    • Fixed tab-switching via keyboard numbers always triggering menu repaints.
  • Merchant: Fixed a potion-buying error if player's potion quantity was zero.
  • Room Generator: Fixed an error.
  • Weapons: Fixed errors with Bows, Scythes, and Stun Bombs.
  • macOS:
    • Improved PlayStation 4 controller support.
    • Improved Xbox One S controller support – though LT, RT, and D-Pad still have issues.


Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.6a_Win64.zip 134 MB
Aug 15, 2020
Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.6a_Mac64.zip 136 MB
Aug 15, 2020
Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.6a_Lin64.zip 140 MB
Aug 15, 2020

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