Tallowmere 2 – v0.1.7 – Fixes for keys, online co-op

Version 0.1.7 changelog:

Online Co-op

  • Fixed an occasional error when trying to create a new game.


  • Further fixes to address rare issue of keys not spawning when killing an enemy in single-player and couch co-op.
  • If a key has not spawned in a room, please submit a Bug Report via the in-game Feedback button.


Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.7_Win64.zip 134 MB
Aug 23, 2020
Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.7_Mac64.zip 136 MB
Aug 23, 2020
Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.7_Lin64.zip 140 MB
Aug 23, 2020

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Great Demo :)

I bought a Pre-Order and cannot wait for Early Access!!!

Oh,and...Thanks for Linux ^^