Tallowmere 2 – v0.1.7b – Fix for the elusive non-spawning key


  • Keys: Finally fixed the issue where keys would sometimes not seem to spawn.

Underlying issue was a child component was tagged incorrectly. On the chance a key would spawn on the same frame as a physics update, and if the player was close enough, the game would consume the key like it was picking up a coin or heart.

Thanks for the reports that were submitted to help resolve this issue.


Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.7b_Win64.zip 135 MB
Oct 06, 2020
Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.7b_Mac64.zip 136 MB
Oct 06, 2020
Tallowmere2_Demo_v0.1.7b_Lin64.zip 140 MB
Oct 06, 2020

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