Tallowmere 2 – Version 0.2.2

Enter 2021

With 2020 sunsetting into the distance soon, and a new year upon us shortly, here are my plans for Tallowmere 2 in the coming weeks:

  • Implement the itch.io online login system so itch.io players can play online.
  • Finish implementing the Early Backer kitten-naming forms and naming-credit forms, and get those added to the game as a collectathon achievement.
  • Finish fixing Online Co-op bugs. Many issues have been tackled in this 0.2.2 version... there is light at the end of the tunnel!
  • Get the Android mobile version up to speed and playable. While tidying up the Android DRM-free version should be straight-forward, mobile development in recent weeks has been garnishing the Google Play and iOS integration with cloud saves, achievements, and leaderboards. The Android DRM-free version doesn't need to have as many bells and whistles, but still needs to be robust enough. Aiming for Q1 2021.
  • Implement the first boss. This will be bringing the one and only 💀 Bastardly Boss Designer early backer reward to life. Quite a few things are planned with it, so should be fun to add to the dungeon.
  • Mid-2021, also want to get the Nintendo Switch version happening...

Onwards. Thanks for playing and sharing your feedback.

– Chris

0.2.2 Changelog

Season's Greetings

  • It's snowing...?!



  • Added new option: Auto-equip Loot.
    • Enabled by default.
    • Toggleable under Options > Advanced.


  • Fixed revive triggers sometimes remaining interactable after reviving a player.
  • Fixed revival UI sometimes appearing rotated.

Couch Co-op

  • Fixed issue where mousewheel scrolling would change weapons for all players.
  • Fixed UI errors when assigning controllers with French set as the language.

Online Co-op

  • Health is now synced more robustly, which should resolve fallen-state revival issues.
  • Room-transition syncing is now more robust, which should resolve corridor, waypoint, and player-position issues.
  • To assist with debugging, games are now assigned a five-character ID code, and servers now create separate logs for each game.
  • Game info now shows server name, and is more legible on the pause menu.
  • Improved handling of merchant and treasure chest transactions.
  • Improved handling of unknown network messages.
  • Fixed HUD-related errors.
  • Fixed certain network actions not working correctly after reviving a player.
  • Fixed server name being displayed in place of game name in some cases.


  • Waypoint ledges are now smoother.
  • Greatly improved the position-solver. Creatures, keys, and gold should no longer get stuck outside the bounds of the room, nor stuck between blocks.
  • To assist with investigating transactional errors, Unity's "Physics 2D > Use Multithreading" setting has been disabled for this version.


  • Fixed HUD sometimes not appearing after cutscenes and room transitions.
  • Fixed interactable tooltip widths sometimes not updating.
  • Version info is now visible during transitions, rather than fading out temporarily.


  • Improved detection of PlayStation 4 and Xbox 360 controllers.

Other Fixes

  • Fixed player creature attack states and movement states persisting incorrectly after being revived.
  • Fixed various errors with Boomerangs, Flails, Scythes, Elemental Staffs, kitten throats, and the Stone of Diashan.


Tallowmere2_v0.2.2_Win64.zip 135 MB
Dec 24, 2020
Tallowmere2_v0.2.2_Mac64.zip 135 MB
Dec 24, 2020
Tallowmere2_v0.2.2_Lin64.zip 138 MB
Dec 24, 2020

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