Roadmap: 0.2, 0.3, 0.4

Tallowmere 2 has been available as Early Access for about a month now, with over 4,000 adventurers taking part. Thank you very much for playing and sharing your feedback.

At times, it is challenging to keep atop of all comments, feature requests, bugs, and gameplay reports, and how best to track and prioritise everything.

The number of items on the issue tracker keeps growing. Lots to do!

Below is a rough summary of issues and enhancements to be addressed over the coming weeks.

Version 0.2.x

Feature requests:

  • Online Co-op: Allow servers to save online games
  • Online Co-op: Add automatic match-making
  • Options for auto-attack
  • Weapon HUD visibility options – toggling and condensing to save screen real estate
  • Inventory management – rearranging weapon order; marking items as junk
  • Weapon Selector – show damage numbers; add circular layout rather than grid layout
  • Additional UI scaling options > 150%
  • Keyboard Couch Co-op (no controllers)

Bugs still to address:

  • Enable the version to play online
  • Online Co-op: Poison ticks not working
  • Online Co-op: Still receiving occasional reports of players sometimes unable to use keys on doors, or room transitions stalling and not working
  • Non-English keyboard input not working (mainly for online chatting)
  • Dual-monitor issues
  • Rare issues with internal lists and arrays failing to clear, resulting in creature modifiers and numbers not calculating properly
  • Various smaller bugs

Version 0.3

Goodies to add:

  • More kittens, blessings, pedestal offerings, curses, and Demon Statue rewards
  • More shield types
  • Tutorial

Gameplay design changes:

  • Weapons – tweaks and balancing, including damage modifiers to certain weapons
  • Shields – beef up health numbers
  • Health and damage – investigate and balance the numbers when the "dungeon grows stronger"; ensure calculations are more robust and less wild
  • Demon Statue – investigate offering health and damage in one reward
  • Melee AI – less standing around
  • Ranged AI – investigate range limits and awareness
  • Zaerie AI – address sticking-to-wall issues, bounciness
  • Traps – investigate spawn positions, spawn rates, visibility awareness, deactivation, destructibility, and damage
  • Allow buff potions to be consumed even if player has full health
  • Address loopholes with the Merchant selling gold-related potions

Fulfill Early Backer pre-orderer rewards:

  • In-game name-crediting
  • Kitten-naming (to be part of a collectathon achievement)
  • Guard-naming


  • Launch the Android and iOS versions
  • Enable cross-platform online co-op

Version 0.4


  • Implement the first Bastardly Boss
  • Add outfits and headgear
  • Add stealth and ice
  • Add additional elements to current weapons


  • Launch the Nintendo Switch™ version with cross-platform online co-op

... And Beyond

Additional things are planned, but not sure which version they will land in yet.

Gameplay enhancements:

  • Difficulty modes to make the game easier or harder – while being mindful of achievements, leaderboards, weapon-unlocking, and character-unlocking.
  • Conquest Modes – special runs to modify the dungeon's behaviour.
  • Pre-run perks – small player-selected modifiers that can be unlocked, to aid their run in different ways.
  • Special room areas.
  • More weapons.


  • Japanese – in progress
  • Korean – in progress
  • Russian – in progress
  • Spanish – requested, but not underway yet

Further additions:

  • Pets and companions
  • Dungeon Room Editor
  • Online PvP
  • LAN servers

Onwards! Thanks for your continued patience and support.

– Chris

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