0.2.7: The Inventory Management Update

Welcome to the Inventory Management Update

This patch allows you to:

  • Mark items as junk
  • Sell all items marked as junk
  • Sort your inventory
  • Customise your Weapon Selector (added Radial and Grid layouts)
  • Customise keyboard weapon shortcuts


When browsing your inventory, you can now mark items as junk:

  • Keyboard shortcut: M
  • Controller: X Button

When interacting with the merchant, you can now sell all items marked as junk:

  • Keyboard shortcut: R
  • Controller: Y Button

When refreshing a category, items marked as junk will appear after non-junk items.


Filters have been added to the following tabs:

  • Inventory > Weapons, Shields, Potions
  • Merchant > Buy, Sell, Buyback

Filters allow you to sort your items by:

  • Attack Power / Health / Strength
  • Item Type / Weapon Type
  • Element
  • Gold Value
  • Modifier Count
  • Quantity


A new Loadout tab has been added to your Inventory, letting you adjust the layout of your Weapon Selector.

Three layouts are now available to manage slots for your weapons:

1. Dynamic (default)

  • Automatically creates and populates slots (up to 24 weapons).
  • Contains a filter to choose how weapons should be sorted.
  • Weapons marked as junk are omitted.

2. Radial

  • Contains 8 slots, much like a weapon wheel.
  • Weapons can be added to slots automatically, or chosen manually.

3. Grid

  • Customisable rectangle. Supports 1-3 rows and 3-8 columns.
  • Weapons can be added to slots automatically, or chosen manually.

For the Radial and Grid layouts, a related option has been added:

  • Options > Advanced > Auto-add Weapons
  • If enabled (default), weapons will be added to your Weapon Selector's Radial and Grid slots automatically.
  • If disabled, weapons will need to be added manually from your Inventory Loadout tab.

To access your Weapon Selector when in a dungeon, default bindings are:

  • Keyboard: Left Shift
  • Controller: B Button


You can now customise weapon shortcuts with number keys (1–9).

Shortcuts can be managed automatically based on your Weapon Selector loadout, or you can manually assign shortcuts.

When browsing your inventory, any weapons linked to a keyboard shortcut will have its number appear.

Added option:

  • Options > Input > Weapon Shortcuts

1. Automatic (default)

Lets you press number keys 1–9 to select weapons based on your Weapon Selector loadout slots.

Automatic does not allow for manual assigning.

2. Manual

Lets you assign weapons to number keys 1–9 as desired, regardless of slot order.

To assign a shortcut:

  • Equip a weapon.
  • Hold Alt  or Ctrl , then press a number.
  • A notification will confirm the shortcut has been assigned.
  • Note that this only works if no menus are showing.

To load a shortcut:

  • Press the assigned number key by itself.
  • Note that this only works if no menus are showing.

3. Off

Prevents number keys from accessing weapons.



  • Added a debugger to assist with detecting controller IDs and buttons. Available under Options > Advanced > Controller Debugger.
  • Improved logging.


  • Fixed incorrect "time elapsed" header text.


  • Fixed issue where player creatures would always be positioned on the room's entry point.


  • Improved rendering performance.
  • Fixed radio-button items not being selected upon first load.
  • Fixed potential issues with option categories not populating their items.


  • Speech bubbles now only show once per room load. Leaving the home room resets this check.

Quick Restart

  • Fixed issue where player creature positions would not be stored correctly during savefile creation.

Weapon Selector

  • You can now click slots with your mouse.
  • Fixed index errors with slot navigation.


Slow and steady. Progress has been oh so slow with my psoriatic arthritis and faulty immune system. Popping paracetamol and ibuprofen every day to alleviate headaches and the never-ending nerve inflammation. Hard to think properly when my nerves are inflamed every day.

Since version 0.2.6 (which was 2.5 months ago), I’ve only been managing work on this game about 2-3 hours per day. Fatigue has been dominating me. My immune system makes me so cripplingly tired and cognitively slow, it’s horrendous. Insomnia from waking in pain, unable to get back to sleep… Morning naps, afternoon naps, while also trying to juggle my children’s school schedule, and trying to work on the game somewhere in between!

However, my rheumatologist doctor has started me on a different immunosuppressant medicine about 3 weeks ago. Things have been improving since. Sleeping better. Less fatigue. Able to think properly more often. Some days I’ve been managing 6 hours on the game per day lately, which has been lovely.

My blood tests report my liver is inflamed from this illness, yet physically there's no scarring nor fibrosis (which was the purpose of my liver biopsy earlier this year), which is good news. In theory, if the inflammation can be reduced, my blood tests should improve. But if the liver suffers too much toxicity as a side effect from the medicine, that’s not good, so it’s a tough balancing act. We shall see what the coming weeks bring as more blood tests are done. Fingers crossed I'll be able to stay on this medicine this time.

In terms of improving the dungeons, I am getting close to start work on the kitten-name rewards and collect-a-thon – will endeavour to reach out to the reward backers soon.

The roadmap for upcoming versions still stands: Damage and health number overhaul, gold trading in co-op, the mission to implement the first boss, and getting the mobile and console versions out the door... Still lots to do. Thanks for hanging in with me.

– Chris


Tallowmere2_v0.2.7_Win64.zip 145 MB
Jun 06, 2021
Tallowmere2_v0.2.7_Mac64.zip 145 MB
Jun 06, 2021
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Jun 06, 2021

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