0.3.6a: Stability improvements



  • Fixed an issue where the Stone of Diashan could appear multiple times in a room.


  • Improved flow when loading a saved game that is already running on a server. The client now gracefully connects to the game automatically, rather than being disconnected.
  • Fixed an error that could cause servers to become unstable.
  • Repeated errors now cause the server to crash, rather than filling up the hard drive with ginormous log files.
  • Improved handling of errors and alerts if network connections fail.
  • Fixed an issue of being unable to load saved games from a server.


Tallowmere2_v0.3.6a_Win64.zip 156 MB
83 days ago
Tallowmere2_v0.3.6a_Mac64.zip 154 MB
83 days ago
Tallowmere2_v0.3.6a_Lin64.zip 156 MB
83 days ago

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